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Creating a successful web presence through digital marketing starts with establishing a firm foundation

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Digital Marketing Requires Multiple Layers To Succeed

There is no single action or tool that creates the ultimate marketing result. Digital marketing is a catch-all name given to the growing and ever-changing formula of activities and services that are combined to reach the goal of increasing exposure and the desired customer response. Most marketing agencies fail to recognize that success comes from an individualized common-sense approach, not a standardized program.

Some common-sense steps we take are:

Know Where We Are

It doesn’t make sense to move forward until you know where you are. We create a complete analysis of existing web presence, past and current goals, company workflows, and competitor success and failures. This approach allows for a focused plan of action that best fits an individual company.

Advanced On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Following the logic of building on a firm foundation, it is essential to start with ensuring that the main piece of web presence is enhanced to be as friendly to customers as it is to search engines like Google and Bing.

Local Listings Aggregation

The ability to control how a business appears in all local listing sites is a cornerstone of the web presence foundation. Google Maps, Apple Maps, Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and other vital portals are a growing part of the everyday life of today’s potential customer.

Social Media Management

Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others allow for multiple communication pipelines to customers and those who don’t yet know you. Proper setup and use of social media platforms is a vital portal for growth.

Online Review Management

How others feel about a company holds a lot of weight on whether others will give you a try. Prompting current customers to review your work is a large part of garnering consumer trust. Responding to those reviews is also a critical part of the trust-building needed to maximize growth.

Customer Relationship Manager

The most substantial potential for a new sale is with those familiar with who you are. A good CRM provides multiple opportunities. A CRM that allows all employees to use it without growing in cost is even more satisfying.

E-Mail Marketing/SMS

Broadcasting information to those that have agreed to receive it is one of the best ways of increasing the response of branding and marketing efforts. Using email and SMS to stay in touch with existing and interested people helps keep a brand fresh in minds.


Lead Generation

Pipelines allow tracking of what efforts are bringing people to you. Funnels allow for guiding potential customers through a guided journey that prompts cold leads to hot sales. Generating leads and nurturing them into growth.

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