Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance and Support Service

Support For Web’s professional website maintenance and help services provide the complete package needed by every website owner. It includes consistent website backup services that are stored securely off-site so no matter what might happen to a website or web hosting server there is very limited or no loss of information and can be restored online in minutes to limit any downtime and business impact.

Choose Your Website Protection Level Now

*Gold Tier Free Live Tasks/Repairs includes 1 task daily and up to 10 tasks monthly. Tasks exceeding the support level are subject to being billed at 70% off the regular rate this translates to $11.85 per half hour.

Every Website Needs Constant and Stable Maintenance

Website Maintenance and Care Includes Everything You Need To Support You And Your Website


Secure Website Backup

Having a consistent, secure, and up to date website backup system in place means website and information is always safe. 

Security Check +

Make sure your sites are clean, and if any files become infected or your site appears on a blacklist it will be spotted on time.

Performance Monitor

Make sure your website is online up and clean. If any problem appears or files become infected or your site appears on a blacklist it will be spotted and fixed.

Site + Plugin Upgrading

CMS websites like WordPress, Drupal, and others need constant updating of plugins and core files. Static websites need monitoring and updated as technology shifts.

Free Flow Collaboration

Communication and discussion during projects and after launch. Steady access to the team creative and productive flow of ideas and solutions with Flock, email, text, and phone access.

On-Call Web Fixes

See a problem on your website? Think a different picture would look better on a page? Get a request from a visitor? Have your web helper fix your website quickly and professionally

Premium Spam Protection

The #1 time consumer and website resource impactor is spam. Get on your site as part of your maintenance coverage and see spam users, posts, and comments disappear

Service Flexibility

It is impossible to predict every possible problem or need. Your services respond to any new needs or technology as they happen. We provide responsive and flexible solutions.