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No matter what type of business you are creating or attempting to grow in today’s online and mobile world, there are many moving parts to monitor, control, and adjust. Large companies employ managers and supervisors divided among several departments to focus on each of these constantly evolving parts. A small and medium business structure doesn’t usually have the budget to benefit from the luxury of a large and diverse team. There are often only a very few people to control a massive, often overwhelming list of services and functions, limiting the amount of effort available to focus on growth. Support For Web takes care of the web parts (Marketing, Local SEO, Development, Design, Maintenance, Support) and allows you to focus on growing your business.

We Are Your Support For Web

Support For Web LLC is an agency of services and tools needed by any business striving to succeed in today’s interconnected and local market(s). Regardless of the stage that a company’s web presence is in, Support For Web helps empower businesses to grow the robust and stable web presence required to compete in today’s world.

We assist today’s entrepreneurs in growing their business by nurturing both new and existing client relationships through establishing a solid social media presence connecting new or enhancing existing websites, and creating pipelines and funnels to develop an improved experience for companies and their customers.

Freedom To Grow Your Business

Empowering business owners’ freedom to succeed in all business areas through a joint commitment to deliver peace of mind through consistent performance, security, and enhanced visibility and web presence is at the core of our mission.

This mission enables us to provide a stable foundation to assist people in growing their businesses. We provide all levels of web support, from the most simple quick fix to long-term sustainable solutions. Providing reliable websites, web marketing services, and expert help is our passion and focus. As a team, we all succeed in growing success and meeting goals.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing landscape has continued to change and expand. The marketing practices that were effective at growing leads and local traffic no longer provide the level of success we all strive to achieve. Successful traffic generation is no longer a matter of simply placing high in standard search engines, Google Search and Bing Search.

Most people may not realize that Google,  Bing, and others now have multiple algorithms that create results depending on what type of search is accessed. Your website may rank high in a desktop search and that doesn’t mean your business will show up in a good position in the Local or Maps search engines. The processes required to achieve a high ranking in each of these different engines are unique.

Digital Marketing Services

Customer Relationship (CRM)

Map Search

Funnel/Pipeline Management

Local Marketing & Aggregation


SEO Management

Social Media Management


Review Generation & Management


Voice Search

Email/SMS Marketing

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Local Marketing Effects Global Business

Local Marketing and Citations

Search engines like Google Search and Bing Search use multiple algorithms to produce search results. Search engines are now using artificial intelligence to help provide the information that a person wants to find. Listing high in a general search doesn’t mean you will appear on a local or map search, and each different search type requires unique steps.

Most businesses don’t realize that the foundation of being found by customers is to have a sound local marketing structure. Local Citations, Google My Business Profile Management, Reputation Management, and Specialized Local SEO are a few of the services included in an overall local marketing focus. The local marketing focus helps ensure the correct placement no matter how a person searches online, whether through Desktop, Mobile, or Digital Voice Assistant.

Citation Building / Cleanup


Local On-site Optimization

Data Aggregator Submissions


Google My Business Profile

Map Search Focus

Social Media Focus

Review Generation & Management


Voice Search Focus


Content Creation / Optimization

Web Design And Development

Web development involves more than simply creating web pages that make up a website. Like most terms in today’s technological online world, web development has grown into many different facets of an online presence. Website development, website hosting, consulting, and digital marketing are only a few of the components we provide in establishing and reinforcing a stable and productive online presence.

Support For Web provides web development services for all levels, including:

  • Web Page Design and Creation
  • Existing Website Analysis and Support
  • Web Hosting
  • Dedicated WordPress Hosting
  • Website Maintenance and Management
  • Local Marketing
  • Website Maintenance
  • Web Business Consulting
  • Customer Relationship Building
  • Social Media Management and Support

We offer the entire pie coverage approach using tried and true methods and tools designed for today’s complicated online world. We are dedicated to creating, growing, and maintaining a successful online presence for people and businesses from Shelbyville, IN and all over the United States.

Website Design and Development
WordPress and Standard Website Hosting

Website Hosting Services

The quality of the website hosting server is a crucial choice. Slow and inconsistent web servers can hurt the success of your website and web presence marketing. We use the highest quality web servers to ensure the most increased security, performance, and speed. The standard and WordPress Managed web hosting we provide far exceeds today’s standards.

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